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Measuring Infinity

Infos: [with STRATAGRIDS], in K. Klingan et al. (eds.): Grain, Vapor, Ray: Textures of the Anthropocene, Revolver Publishing, Berlin; MIT Press, Cambridge, MA and London,
Date: 2014

Measuring infinity approaches Jorge Luis Borges’ short story “The Aleph” as a temporal process whereby information is generated and distributed, rather than being a static, physical point in space. The operations within CERN’s Large Hadron Collider aspire to recreate the conditions of the universe’s initial moments of existence; thus, a universe is in the process of creation within the universe, in order to observe the universe and its principles. STRATAGRIDS explores the narratives informing CERN’s activities, and by extension, considers the enigmas of scale emerging from particle physics as well as those physical phenomena that bear significant resonance for solely digital architectures, such as the Internet. Is the smallest entity of matter, then, simply a data bit?
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