Standort Delphi

Context: Jahresausstellung des Atelierprogramms Marzahn-Hellersdorf
Location: Kommunale Galerie Berlin-Marzahn
Place: Berlin, Germany
Date: 2015
Kommunale Galerie Berlin-Marzahn, 2015.

Ceramic, plastic, wood, glass, soil, brochure display stand (dimensions variable) and two brochures:

—The Ancient Omphalos at Delphi: Geometrically a Space-inverting Anamorphoscope, 2015 (with excerpts of the eponymous paper by P. W. Kuchel (2011), inkjet print, staple binding, texts in English and German)

—Delphi ’98 survey. Study on the global development of science and technology, 2015 (with excerpts of the eponymous report by Kerstin Cuhls et al. (1998), inkjet print, staple binding, texts in English and German.

[T]he true significance of the shape of the ancient Omphalos [at Delphi] was already lost by the time of the Roman invasion; or the seers wished to keep the significance of the shape a secret, and then without a written record it subsequently became lost to history. Kuchel, P.W.: The Ancient Omphalos at Delphi: geometrically a space-inverting anamorphoscope, in: Archaeometry 53—2, University of Oxford 2011, p. 387-395, here 392.

Delphi ’98 […] was more concentrated on German needs to provide companies, ministries, research institutions or other interested actors in the [research and development] system with information about the future.Cuhls, Kerstin; Knut Blind: Foresight in Germany: the example of the Delphi '98 or: how can the future be shaped?, in: International Journal of Technology Management 21 (2001), No.7/8, pp.767-780, here 767.